Freddie, 65 years old, suffered a stroke in 2010 leaving him partially paralyzed with speaking disabilities. While attempting to recuperate, he fell behind in his rent after paying out of pocket for a caregiver. He came to Adult Well-Being Services facing eviction. As a recipient of an AHF grant, Mr. Inge will be able to remain in his own apartment and continue his recovery.


Lola, 89 years old, had been living in an apartment exposed to bed bugs. She was able to relocate, however due to the infestation, was forced to get rid of all her belongings. An AHF grant helped give her a fresh start with a new loveseat and recliner.


Blanche is a 72 year old suffering from severe arthritis, unable to walk at times. She was in need of a washer and dryer. A grant from AHF allowed Ms. Delaforce to purchase these much needed appliances that her limited income would otherwise not allow.


Lorene is an 82 year old woman who was able to remain independent with the help of her son. He drove her to medical appointments and helped her with running errands. Lorene and her son shared a car as their only means of transportation.

Tragically, Lorene´s son was in a terrible accident in their car and he did not survive. In addition to the devastation Lorene felt with losing her son, she was also simultaneously left to fend for her own transportation in the damaged vehicle where her son died.

Fortunately for Lorene, Karen Monts, Director of Grief Support at Hospice of Michigan knew where to go for help: the American House Foundation. With the approval of a grant for $1497.20, Ms. Monts was able to provide Lorene with a new car door that would eliminate all problems with her car that were caused by her son´s accident.

Mr. Hage

Mr. Hage, 76, stays independent thanks to the stairs and railings installed at his house by the American House Foundation.


Sally is an 81 year old living with hepatitis C. Near the end of 2010, she began having seizures. While she was ill and helpless, a family member took advantage of her, spending her money earmarked for bills. She fell behind on utility payments and risked losing her budgeted status. With the aid of an AHF grant, Mrs. Womack was able to meet past due obligations and retain her affordable payment plans.